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The Precedent i2 continues to raise the bar in performance, vehicle protection, and interior/exterior stylization.  
The New Precedent i2. The original golf car line that earned industry accolades and inspired imitation has evolved dramatically.
Excel System is an innovative new drive system built upon industry proven technology and is specifically designed to meet the needs of the golf market. Excel offers an array of exceptional features and benefits for both the course operator and the golfer.
Low Motor Braking Speed   Hill Descent Assist
Minimum motor braking speed to almost zero. Motor braking down to a very low speed improves vehicle control and convenience by allowing the driver to adjust both speed and braking with the accelerator pedal. Better control leads to improved stability and adds to the overall driving and riding experience.   Provides more control and confidence when descending hills by allowing the driver to choose downhill speed with the accelerator pedal. Also prevents sudden acceleration when the park brake is released on a slope thus resulting in a smoother launch.
Speed Programmability   Peace of Mind with Mechanical Brakes
Operators now have more options when programming the speed range of their cars to meet the needs and design of their course. Ranges now include speeds from 5-9.2mph and fine adjustments of 0.1 mph increments.   Motor braking delivers a smooth, controlled braking experience and when combined with the reliability of mechanical drums, offers the driver assurance and comfort with a traditional pedal feel and usage. The balance between motor and mechanical braking, increases brake pad life and decreases maintenance.
Performance   Increased Regenerative Braking
System maintains best-in-class acceleration and hill-climbing and allows for enhanced top speed control which ensures for a smooth ride on those courses with rolling terrains.   Dramatic increase in regenerative energy recovery as a result of low motor braking. When used properly, this feature can reduce utility costs by up to 20% in comparison to prior models.

Exterior Interior
Monsoon Canopy w/built in Spouts
Spacious Bagwell
10" Rims and Aluminum Wheels (i2L)
Custom Logos (i2L)
Accent Stripe (i2L)
Premium Windsheild (i2L)
Number Decals (i2L)
Refined Dash Compartment
FlexDrink™ Cup Holders
Ergonomic Seating for Support and Comfort
Soft Grip Steering Wheel (i2L)
Canopy Storage Net (i2L)
Vehicle Protection Performance
Powershield™ electrical and power system protective housing
AlumiCore Chassis
5 mph front and rear impact bumpers and 360° wraparound bumpers
Pedal group and brake pre-set and sealed with stainless steel components
Access panel provides easy maintenance and is tamper resistant
Excel Electric Drive System
11.5hp Kawasaki Gas Engine
SportDrive™ Steering & Suspension
Industry's tightest clearance cirlce
More speed range programmability
Optional VISAGE Features
Mobile Golf Information System
Ability to mange golf car fleet
Reduce expenses
Delivers an excellent experience
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