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Irrigation Golf - Tech Tips

  1. Irrigation System Start-Up
    1. Perform preventive maintenance to pumps and motors if applicable
    2. Hydraulic Systems Only
        1. Unhook hydraulic supply tubing at each controller or actuator assembly
        2. Begin filling hydraulic supply main line piping
        3. Once air bled off at a control site, hook up tubing
        4. Continue with each control site until all are connected
        5. Bring Hydraulic to full PSI
        6. Check Hydraulic supply to see if Hydraulic pressure is holding
        7. If pressure is holding proceed to step 3
        8. If PSI not holding locate source of PSI loss
    3. Divide system into sections, 3-4 for double row 18 hole
    4. Isolate main valves to fill these sections separately
    5. Put QCV keys in at high points or dead ends in section
    6. Activate smallest pump
    7. Crack open valve leaving pump station or main
    8. Keep flow to min. (use max. fill chart)
    9. Check QCVs for water
    10. Leave QCVs in until nothing but water if flowing
    11. Before pulling QCV activate sprinkler in same area as QCV
    12. Disconnect QCVs until all removed
    13. Increase flow into system until PSI reaches approx. 50-60 PSI
    14. Run through all heads in section to remove air
    15. Shut off all heads
    16. Allow section to come up to full PSI
    17. Open all valves into section completely
    18. Repeat above steps 7-17 for each section
    19. Turn remaining pumps to auto
    20. Test all controllers for proper operation
    21. Test central to satellite operation
  2. Winterization of Irrigation Systems
    1. DO NOT DRAIN SYSTEM prior to blowout, it will make it more difficult to pressurize system with air.
    2. Hydraulic systems only
        1. Hydraulic supply must be active to complete blowout of system
        2. Hydraulics will be winterized after main piping system is complete
    3. Use 250 — 350 CFM Air compressor for typical double row 18 hole
    4. Divide system into sections, 3-4 for double row 18 hole
    5. Plan blowout to methodically work water from a single point outward until it can be purged from system. When working with large elevation changes try to work from high to low.
    6. Isolate main valves to blowout theses sections separately
    7. Hook up compressor to system in section
    8. Work water out of system through sprinklers, start with heads closest to compressor and work outward
    9. Each sprinkler should be activated with water under it and should stay on until only a mist is left. Avoid operating heads with air pressure, this can result in physical damage to sprinklers.
    10. Water may be worked in several directions at the same time as long as enough PSI in maintained to pop head up.
    11. Each head in section must be purged of water, then pipelines between last heads and next section must be cleared. This can be accomplished by activating a head just into the next section and opening the valve leading into that section. Leave valve open until air is released from head, close valve.
    12. Turf of compressor
    13. Bleed off any remaining air in section.
    14. Unhook compressor and move to next section.
    15. Continue by repeating steps 7 — 14 for remaining sections.
    16. Hydraulic Systems Only
        1. Unhook hydraulic supply tubing at each Controller or Actuator assembly, position tubing so that it can purge water from hydraulic supply piping.
        2. Hook up compressor at hydraulic source.
        3. Blowout supply piping.
        4. Winterize Controller or Actuators according to manufacturer’s specification.
    17. Winterize pump station and/or main taps


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