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Golf Irrigation Video Library
Pub Date Length Agriculture
3/20/2013 00:08:06 Subsurface Drip Irrigation
3/20/2013 00:05:28 Toro Micro-Irrigation
Pub Date Length Comparison
2/15/2012 00:04:00 The 800 Series: Burst PSI Test
Pub Date Length Conversions
11/8/2011 00:01:58 R-Series: Brief Overview
Pub Date Length Evolution
3/7/2013 00:03:52 The New Toro® Evolution™ Series Controller
Pub Date Length How To
11/8/2011 00:01:37 Analyzing the Nozzle Riser Screen
11/8/2011 00:02:07 How to Adjust and Create a Full and Part Circle Drive Assembly
11/8/2011 00:01:26 How to Convert the Toro R-Series to a Short Radius Application
11/8/2011 00:01:38 Observing the Dwell Time at the End of the Sprinkler Arc
11/8/2011 00:04:12 R-Series: How to Adjust the Arc
11/8/2011 00:01:49 R-Series: How to Adjust the Arc Angle
11/8/2011 00:02:40 R-Series: How to Change the Nozzles
11/8/2011 00:01:31 R-Series: How to Properly Install Back Nozzles
11/8/2011 00:02:35 R-Series: How to Use the Clutching Feature
11/8/2011 00:01:06 R-Series: How to Use the Radius Reduction Screw
11/8/2011 00:02:21 R-Series: How to Use the Ratcheting Riser
11/8/2011 00:03:08 Testing the Solenoids with a 20,000 Volt Lighting Shock
    How To Play List
Pub Date Length Installs
2/15/2012 00:02:07 How to Install Foot Markers
Pub Date Length Lynx
10/29/2012 00:11:02 Training in Ten - Synchronize
10/26/2012 00:12:32 Training in Ten - Lynx Mobile
9/28/2012 00:11:31 Lynx Map Review
9/28/2012 00:09:19 Windows Updates for Lynx Computer
10/25/2011 00:12:31 Training in Ten - Instant Programs
10/24/2011 00:10:45 Training in Ten - The Watering Plan in Lynx (Part 2 of 2)
10/23/2011 00:09:04 Training in Ten - The Watering Plan in Lynx (Part 1 of 2)
10/10/2011 00:11:26 Training in Ten - Lynx Course Report
10/10/2011 00:11:54 Training in Ten - Lynx Saving and Backing Up Data
8/8/2011 00:12:03 Training in Ten - Windows 7
Pub Date Length Play Lists
    Acrigulture Play List
    How To Play List
    Lynx Play List
    Residential/Commercial Playlist
Pub Date Length Precision
2/19/2013 00:01:46 Toro® Precision™ Series H2FLO™ Nozzles
Pub Date Length Sprinklers
2/17/2014 00:03:04 The New Toro® INFINITY® Golf Sprinkler
9/8/2009 00:03:46 570Z, 570Z XF, 570Z PR, 570Z PRX Series Sprinklers
9/8/2009 00:06:32 835S/855S Series Sprinklers
Pub Date Length Trenchers
10/3/2013 00:03:13 Introducing Toro's New Line of Underground Equipment
Pub Date Length Turf Guard
11/9/2011 00:02:43 Turf Guard Brief Overview

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