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Toro Infield Pro®'s Quick Attach Systems (QAS)
Toro's patented Quick Attach System (QAS) lets you change most attachments in under a minute and works with a wide range of options to create the finish you want. Here are just a couple of options.
AutoMat Drag Mat + QAS Flex Groomer
What’s the benefit? Scarifying a wet infield tends to leave behind clumps of material. The QAS Flex Groomer breaks up those clumps and the AutoMat Drag Mat smooths the surface in the same pass, leaving a consistent finish in one step. There’s no need to scarify, change attachments and go back over the same area again.
When used with a nail drag
  • Single pass grooming
  • Engage and disengage as needed
  • Choose what you need without adding/removing attachments
  • Sports Field Edger + Lip Broom
    Grass often grows into the infield, along the warning track and in other areas where it isn’t wanted. Removing it by hand is time-consuming. Also, infield mix tends to move outward, building up in the transition and creating a lip that can lead to unsafe playing conditions. Toro’s edger and lip broom combination makes it easy to correct either of those issues. The edger cuts debris and unwanted grass out, and the lip broom sweeps it away to create the ideal transition between your infield and outfield.
    For tougher conditions add a QAS Finish Grader
  • Cuts
  • Sweeps
  • Collects into single pile all at once
  • Find out more at Toro's Sand Pro Series page. Then build your own using Toro's Sand Pro Configuration Tool.
    Once you have your design, be sure to Contact Us to set you up with your new Infield Pro and QAS attachments!
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